Plan Finland and Plan Australia International were looking for a way to bring training materials for their CLAC (Community Led Action for Children) ECCD (Early Childhood Care and Development) programs in urban and rural areas of Uganda, to life.

With support from Plan Finland's corporate sponsor Nokia, Christine Weller Creative was commissioned to write, film, produce and edit videos that would demonstrate best practice and make it real for participants. Christine Weller Creative understood that the most effective way of bringing about positive change is by hearing from the real participants telling their real stories and showing the life changing outcomes that Plan Uganda’s CLAC practices were bringing to the lives of their children and communities. The videos could then be shown using the Nokia Education delivery technology via mobile phones and solar powered projectors to inspire and empower parents to be a part of it, no matter how remote or lacking in facilities their communities were. 14 videos have been produced and reports from the field in Uganda have been very positive. These educational videos will be used to encourage and inspire other communities, in other developing countries to introduce their own CLAC programs.

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